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Here are the questions that we receive most frequently about our program. If you would like to know something that isn't discussed here, please  contact us by email   and we promise you an immediate response.

The program sounds great but I don't have the time or patience to read 600 pages. What do you suggest? 

You do not have to sit and read five-hundred pages. Although self-study requires discipline, we do know that some people find it difficult to remain motivated. Although the material is easy-reading and many clients do go through everything first, it is not necessary and here’s why:

The program is divided into thirty-nine modules that mirror the retail business buying process. When you want to understand what type of retail business is right for you, then simply read that module. Before you begin your search, just review the section on "Where to Look". When the time arrives for the meeting with the seller and you want to know what exact questions to ask, then just reference that section of the program where everything is laid our for you. It’s the same with negotiating the deal, valuing a business conduction due diligence, researching the industry, etc.

Plus, you have the added advantage of our expert consultants at your complete disposal. Even if you don’t want to read a single page (although not recommended of course), we’re here to help and successfully guide you through every stage.

Does this material apply to any retail business purchase?

All of our information is geared for the purchase of any existing retail store business, whether franchise or independent.  The concepts presented are based upon real-life experiences. The background research in this program involves hundreds of individual business negotiations, investigations and purchase transactions. Our materials have been used successfully by over 20,000 business buyers so rest assured these strategies will apply.

How long will it take me to complete the full program?

Most people finish it all in less than a week; however, you will be referring back to certain sections since the material is formatted to show you what to do at each different stage of the process.

What does the material cover?

In one word - everything. It will literally take you through the entire retail business buying process. You will gain a clear understanding of what type of store is right for you, and the exact steps that you must take to find and buy it. Furthermore, you'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge that you'll need to make all of the right decisions along the way.

Who will benefit most from the information?

There is no doubt that anyone who has never bought a business before - or those who may have some experience but are less than fluent in the buying process - have the most to gain. We do have a fair number of "experienced" buyers who are always looking for an edge, but the information is definitely written for anyone who does not possess the skills or experience needed to navigate their way successfully.

What if I don't like the program or for some reason I decide it's not for me?

No problem - send it back at anytime for an immediate refund. No questions asked! We do not have any deadlines on our money-back guarantee policy. We have been in business since 1990 so there is no need to worry about us being around to honor our commitment. Our guarantee is a no-nonsense - if you are not complete satisfies, you get 100% of your money back for any reason whatsoever. No hassles.

What if I need help later on?

Along with the program, you will be automatically enrolled in our Personal Consulting Program. If you run into any challenges, if you need help with a strategy or a certain situation, just let us know and we will immediately provide you with our expert advice and assessment. There is never any charge for this service.

How complex are the techniques? 

We don't mean to sound condescending but if you can read, you' will understand everything! The material is laid out in a simple-to-follow, systematic approach. It is not all classroom type theory. The examples and case studies you will read will make all of the concepts crystal clear for you. Even the valuation formulas and accounting lessons can be grasped by anyone.  The whole approach to this course and the reason for its success is due to the fact that it is not "over the top"; it is not geared for someone with a business degree from Harvard. It is page after page of real-world, proven strategies to use in every situation, and the information is based upon the reader gaining a complete and clear understanding of each stage of the retail business buying process and what has to be done at each step. Furthermore, the program is based upon a building block technique. Each new section builds upon the previous one, and formulates the entire roadmap to success.

Is the information geared strictly for purchasing North America businesses?

Absolutely not. Our programs are followed by people in nearly over 80 countries and regions including: the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Norway, Belgium, India, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, the Caribbean, South America, Finland, the Czech Republic, the Middle East, Asia and New Zealand. While there may be a slight difference in some terminology (for example, in the UK Business Brokers are known as Business Transfer Agents), the concepts are all the same.

The strategies and philosophies are not specific for any single market or geographical location so no matter where you live, if retail stores are bought and sold in your country, you will be able to take full advantage of all of the information.

What software do I need for the downloads?

The download is compatible for PC or Mac users. The ebook uses Adobe Acrobat Reader and is in a zip file so Winzip or other file-decompression software is also required. However, most PCs have these built in. If not, Winzip is FREE and the download instructions give you a direct link to both. It takes less than two minutes to download everything! The files are fully formatted to be compatible with Mac Stuffit software.

Can I print from the download?

Yes, you can print all or part of it, just like a Word document.

Is the Due Diligence Strategy Guide included with the complete course?

Yes it is.

Why buy this program instead of a book about buying a retail business that may cost less?

We realize that there is no shortage of books on the topic of buying a retail business. After twenty years, we've seen or read them all. In fact, these books are the specific reason why we decided to convert our entire consultation business into a home study course. How To Buy A Good Retail Business At A Great Price is definitely not a story book about buying a business.

At your local bookstore you will likely find three types of books available on this subject. The first ones are geared to both buying and selling a retail store, with a minimal amount of useful information on each subject. Our course is focused 100 percent on the buyer's strategy. Next, you will see those wonderful publications from the "Imbecile's series"; you know: "The Imbecile's Guide To Buying A Retail Business". With all due respect, you could not buy a lemonade stand with the information inside - the title is good we admit - it is written by an imbecile! Lastly, there are the books where the information is fine as long as you're an MBA or looking to buy a $100 million business, but they are way beyond, and not at all related to the average retail business purchase.

Most importantly, not a single resource exists which actually tells you what you need to know, explains what you must do, and then shows you how to do it, like our course does. As well, you will be able to receive unlimited personal consulting for any challenges you face. It would be very easy to fill your head with information, but what's the point, if you don't know how to use it? There is not a single book, report, or DVD on the market that is a true "how to" strategy guide for buying a retail business. Is there other information available that may be less expensive? Yes, there is. Then again, the old saying of "you get what you pay for" holds true. Furthermore, we challenge you to find one that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Is this information good for a franchise purchase?

Absolutely! This is especially true when buying a retail business as you may ultimately have to choose between a franchise and independent and we clearly outline the pros and cons of each (and there are many). But our position on franchises is very simple; we believe that under the right circumstances, they are a wonderful option. However, we also know based upon all of our experience that you are far better off to buy a franchise resale, one that's already successful instead of looking to build a new one. For this, our course is ideal.

Regarding Due Diligence, franchised business require a whole different checklist of what must be investigated and this is so crucial when buy a retail business. That is why they are dealt with extensively in the program.  



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